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Primo, Verno, Clio

If you have any class at all you know where we're going with this one. From my first Ef Si to the current stable, they've always been a part of our life. Ok, enough of the lame stuff and let's get to it.


These will run for one week instead of the typical weekend, thanks Shit, I mean Shot Show

Soft goods will all be preorder with a 2-4 week lead time. Sticker packs will be available for immediate shipping. Please remember that if you order anything with a preorder item, it will all ship together! Shirts will be comfort colors for those chilly days and hoodies are independent. I know you all see prices increasing a bit but we're sticking to T's for $30 and hoodies for $70 as long as we possibly can.

Going to offer a little discount on this one. Leave an honest google review at

Or bring a 12 pack of diet coke. Once completed Slide in the dms or shoot us an email!

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